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Houston , TX
Donkey Kong Astin Kush & da gang
⛽️Pop out⛽️

brings together intense and fiery themes of strength, passion, lust, remorse – and sculpts them into pieces that are guided by the foundations laid down by the fathers of old-school and new wave hip hop & R&B

His music can be described as heartfelt stories that take your mind through a journey of deep introspection, while contrasted with infectious beats and hooks that keep the listener coming back for more. Stylistically, Dee kay’s music echoes influences from some of the greats, notably Scarface ,DMX, Bustsarymes. to name a few.

For Donkey ,music flows through him and manifests itself as a scrapbook. It serves as a journal of all the interactions he’s had with people, moments he’s shared with them, and all the feelings associated with all the experiences life has thrown his way.

Despite being a newcomer to the scene, DK is no stranger to music. A creative at heart, he has been writing lyrics and his own compositions since he was a kid.

2021 looks set to be a busy year for Dk as he prepares his debut EP for release this November. Keep an ear to the ground for more information.
Music is all I know /
pain is a ocean flow
Love is all I show
🌎Draco Donkey Kong🌎 (born April 30th), 🚀🏴‍☠️

🎙known professionally as DK[2]
🎙[3] (also known as DonK3Y or simply Kong),

🎥is an American rapper🗽

🎤🎤🎤singer, and songwriter🎼

🗣One sound doesn’t define you
🗣music is felt levels to this
🗣flame what I spit / life what U get
🗣 relax music is fun enjoy yourself
[email protected]

Love is all we show

Invited by: Titus McClain

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