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Updated: Aug 8, 2022
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Gloria is Guatemalan 🇬🇹 with Hungarian 🇭🇺 and Cuban 🇨🇺 roots. She has a Cum Laude Degree in International Relations and Political Science from Francisco Marroquín University, the only libertarian university in the world; a postgraduate in economics and politics from Georgetown University and an internship at the Libertarian think tank Cato in Washington DC, as well as a master's degree in International Development from Sapienza University of Rome. She’s currently studying a postgraduate degree in Objectivist Philosophy with the Ayn Rand Institute.

Host of Radio Libertopolis.
Author of the books El Engaño Populista (2016) How to Talk to a Progre (2017), and How to Talk to a Conservative (2019), Gloria has given more than three thousand conferences defending free markets and free individuals condemning Socialism throughout Latin America, United States United States, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe.
She presented his presidential candidacy to Guatemala in March 2019 with 15 libertarian proposals.

She loves Burning Man, challenging conversations, traveling, friendships and animals.

Invited by: Iker Amerlinck Huerta

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