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Updated: Apr 25, 2024
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Name pronunciation : Jel-da
Entrepreneur, Leader, Counselor, Coach, Investor,

Clubhouse Rooms:
1. ✝️ Bible Restorative Table Talk Clubhouse Room under Ruach Hakodesh-Holy Spirit 🕊️Ministry
2. Queen of Hearts Life Lessons Room 👑💖💖💖s

✨CEO & Founder of Queen of Hearts Life International Trademark Brand which Mission is Heart Healing Transformation by inspire, empower & impact lives through counseling, coaching and educational trainings.
Extended BIO:
✨I am above all else a follower of Jesus Christ, the lover of my soul. Additionally, I am a wife, a mother of four wonderful children and a peacemaker. Furthermore I am a counselor by trade for 30 plus years on mental health and behavioral addictions studies.
✨Visionary Author of Queen of Hearts Anthology- #1 Amazon International Best Seller
✨Counselor by Trade (30+ yrs in the field)
✨Author/Co-Author of Embracing Imperfections Vol2 -Amazon #1Bestseller
✨Author/Co-author of Created for Greatness
✨Life Spiritual Coach (Self-love,Self-care)
✨Transformational Spiritual Speaker 🗣 🎤
✨Podcaster “Queen 👑of Hearts ♥️International “🌎
✨Former member of HTS - Les Brown Training & Mentor Program.
✨Coached & Mentored by Dr. Sonja Stribling
✨The Founder & CEO of Queen of Hearts ♥️ International & Goldy Speaks, GJ LLC - at:
https: //
DM me @GoldySpeaks
Professional Background :
✨Psychology Degree- with a Minor in Alcohol & Addiction Studies - URI
✨Masters Degree in Arts & Ministry - LU
✨Certified in Motivational Interviewing by BU
✨Certified Facilitator in Restorative Justice by YRP
✨Certified in Chronic Pain Self Management - CPSM
✨Certified in Non-Violence by Dr. Lafayette (Martin Luther King co-leader)
💎Christ is the Rock that sustains my family and I 🕊
✨Co-Founder with Holy Spirit of Ruach Hakodesh Ministry 💌[email protected]
✨Former Executive Director of a non-profit WCDC Community Center and board member for a decade
✨Worshipping God🎼
✨Family time👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
✨Beach Lover🏖
✨Walk 🏃‍♀️in Nature
✨Playing Piano 🎹
✨Playing Tongue Drum🪘
🎤Goldy Speaks 2021 Highlights :
✨Hungry for Greatness at The Rock Church, Queens - speaker at the warmth up day sharing the stage with the Legend Les Brown, the greatest Motivational Speaker of all times.
✨One of the Semifinalists for “5 Min Power Talk” for Voices of Victory with Grace Holden (30/350 contestants)
♻️CashApp: $GoldyJohnson7
💎PayPal: of Hearts International

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