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Updated: Mar 28, 2024
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❈ Architect, Urban Designer, Planner & Geographer ❈ 𓅃
𓉰 Architectural Design 𓉳 Environmental Planning 𓉭 Construction
❂ YouTube Channel ➠ ShahbazGhafoori

⇣ About me ⇣
◈ The work of designing and planning the development of land, urban or rural, is deeply important to me; it runs in my blood. I come from a family of consultants, contractors, and developers; these are warmhearted professions. From a young age I learned the value of and love for education which has led me in finding my profession in urban design & planning. I believe that urban development is one of the hardest jobs in existence, but also one of the most honorable and rewarding ones; I’m very proud to be part of this field and am looking forward to expanding my career as a planner. I know I am up for the challenge.

◈ As long as I can remember, I have loved project consultation. As a young child, and throughout grade school, I would volunteer at my father’s office, helping him as much as I could. I cherish those days greatly.

♽ As an urban designer & planner, sustainability is my main paradigm. Green urban planning involves numerous disciplines: architecture, engineering, biology, environmental science, materials science, law, transportation, technology, economic development, accounting & finance, and government, among others. This kind of multi-industry collaboration also sets in motion innovative practical approaches to the utilization of land and impact on natural resources. I was always drawn to sustainable development, starting my research long ago when I was a novice. Now I feel rewarded with the world's advancing achievements in this model.

♼ New sustainable solutions for urban planning problems can include green buildings, mixed-use developments, walkable designs, greenways and open spaces, alternative energy sources such as solar and wind, and transportation options. Superior sustainable land-use layouts help improve the welfare of people and their communities, shaping their urban areas and neighborhoods into healthier, more efficient spaces.


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