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💥💥My TOP✌🏽+👆🏽priorities: FAITH🙏🏽 Family 💁🏽‍♂️👩🏽‍🍼👧🏽👦🏽 Business 🏚️➡️🏡🏘️🏬...

Message “CLUBHOUSE “ for discount

Forever Home Suites, short term rental business owner in Raleigh NC, Hilton Head SC, and NYC. Working on adding more in different markets.

ALL THINGS SHORT TERM RENTAL: need AIRBNB or Pricelab use this referral code:

Airbnb Referral Code:

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Also partnered with a developer to learn and grow-currently working on a ground up 37 unit multi-use complex in Philadelphia and working to scale right.

Specialize in remote STR operations

💥💥💥 LOOKING TO PURCHASE multi unit buildings and hotels in Philly, NC, GA, and FL

💥💥💥13 STRs arbitrage and owned properties and looking to scale right in this shifting market

💥Relationships are powerful! I believe in mutualism but I love to help others and love to serve. This is why I pursued:

💥Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Board member of AdmissionSquad helping to prepare black and brown high school students for the specialized high schools in the NYC area. Seeking to build strong bonds and relationship, while impacting lives everyday.

👩🏽‍⚕️🩺🏥By day
🤝💵💪🏾By night
🪖🥾🎖Army VFW

💥💥WHY? : To disrupt the status quo in underserved communities by rewriting the narrative and establishing a standard of excellence grounded in faith, so that people are empowered and positioned to eliminate the chronic conditions of disparity.

I am who HE says I am. By Gods grace power and humility He has allowed me to:

🙏🏽 Continually Overcome Adversity
🙏🏽 Survive Wartime Deployment
🙏🏽 Raising Three Beautiful Angles
🙏🏽 Step Out in Faith into RE, Investment, and Entrepreneurship
🙏🏽 About to 100X What He has Given (Mat 25:14-30)

HAPPY TO CONNECT DM me let’s collaborate!💥💥💥


📖🙌🏽 Proverbs 16:3 “Commit thy
works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established."

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