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Updated: Oct 4, 2022
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Dr. Faz is a highly accomplishedk trainer, International Inspirational Speaker and Executive Success coach.
His diverse experience from 20 years of “Sales” and Business here in the USA, combined with his past 20-year passion for helping and adding relief in pain in people as a Medical Doctor, helps him to understand the direct challenges and opportunities that exist for business owners, executives and leaders in both their personal and professional lives. He has an MD in Health Sciences and MBA in Global Management. He lives out his mantra, “Yes YOU Can,” by empowering others to discover, embrace, and boldly live to their fullest potential.

Dr. Faz Mehmood, President of Worldwide Success Academy and also President of Learn 2 Grow Rich. He specializes in Leadership, Communications and Dream building.
His company, Learn 2 Grow Rich & Worldwide Success Academy provides executive coaching and training in leadership, communication and human behavior.

He also is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Company. With 40 years of experience in Fortune 100 companies and as founder of three companies, Dr. Faz has acquired a healthy pulse on the many challenges that corporations and small businesses must conquer to remain healthy and competitive.
As an International Inspirational speaker, a renowned Physician, a successful Salesperson and an accomplished entrepreneur can provide your organization or event the inspiration and insights needed to maximize success. His engaging presentation style will be a crowd-favorite. Through his use of storytelling, life experiences and humor, Dr.Faz can motivate and inspire your audience to strive for excellence and take action.
Permanently based in USA.

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