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Updated: Aug 9, 2022
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Onboarder, NFToholic, music is in my blood, 🎤Metaverse Rap Battle Host, podcaster, photographer, metanaught, nature lover, crypto enthusiast!!!

A photographer since childhood, always dreamed of being an “artist” but only the blockchain and it’s amazing community opened that door for me.
I’ve worked in indie film, as a gardener and landscaper architect, currently also working with a small cbd company in northern Cali.

My inspiration for art comes largely from nature, but also from cityscapes, people, and anywhere I can see a story, or appreciate beauty, or the contrast of industry, in the balance of this duality.

Ezincrypto.eth (just one case)

Here’s a link to my makers place store front.

My inspiration for music and freestyling comes from the ether...

Working in the NFT and Crypto space for a couple years now with theWIPmeetup (work in progress meetup) the largest weekly nft, defi, crypto meet up in the metaverse and Tokensmart, to Cypher, Layer1 Crypto, Libernet, Collectors Hub, and Meme Force discord communities!

Come check out cipher where our automagic beat machine drops dope beats at the push of a button, you can then flow over the track. and mint it has free into an NFT!
(Full disclosure we just launched the Alpha)😅


Haha got my fingers in lots of pies!

I really love to bring communities together on this crazy blockchain journey of art, music, fashion, literature, etc etc in this metaverse revolution!

My Twitter is always open for DM’s!

The time has come, to level the playing field!
Lets build this new creator economy together, and manifest the reality, with the freedom for everyone to earn from their artistic passions and talents!

Invited by: Ronin The Collector

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