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Updated: Oct 5, 2022
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🖤💛 “Be the miracle you want to see in the world”💛🖤

💛The Pastor’s Daughter: Podcast
💛Software Sales Development Manager
💛Black in Tech
💛Certified Life Coach
💛Spiritual Guidance Coach
💛Business Coach (specializing in franchising)

💛 Love~Peace~Balance is the way to live💛

💛I want to add color to the tech industry. If you’re interested in a career in tech please reach out to me💛

💛 My CH Families 💛
✳️ Curator:The Real First Family
✳️ Curator: Healing Words Book Club
✳️ Moderator: The Real Relationship Talk
✳️ Moderator: Vibe and Sang Music Club
✳️ Moderator: The Vonnetta Experience

💛 Favorite book: The 4 Agreements
💛 Favorite movie: Lion King
💛 Favorite show: 90 day Fiance ☺️
💛 Favorite color: can you guess?

♍️ Virgos bless lives. You should have at least one Virgo in your life 😉

Natural listener and communicator. I love being a listening ear, a resource for those who want to be heard and understood. More than that, I love speaking about God’s amazing love weather through song, a sermon or just a friendly conversation.


Invited by: Erica Hines

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