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Updated: Apr 29, 2024
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Teach Harmony. This is my new foundation. I have done "the work" and emerge transformed. I embrace all the is to come. How can I help you grow?

I am a seeker, keeper and holder of peace and love. Guided by God, my star family, Angels, Archangels, and my ancestors. I embrace all my roles in this life and honor the lessons of my past lives. Lover of my humans, the Earth and all it's treasures! (Crystal's are amazing)

Music is life. "God gave us music so that we might pray without words."~Mozart
"The meaning of life is to let life love you." ~Sean C. Kennedy

Instrumental Music Educator, Certified Meditation Teacher and Leader, Master Reiki practitioner, practicer of yoga. Deeply connected to the Universe and beings of the highest good. Liver of life and eternal learner.

I am no longer a neophyte (beginner in the mysteries) on this journey, but rather a prophetess. I have grown my spirit and found my way to Peace. I am happy to walk with others who wish to find the same.

Don't be afraid or worry yourself with change. The Ocean is never still but people flock to it because of the energy it holds. -Erin Thamert

I can also be found on Facebook: Erin Fleen

Walk with me, let's elevate and cultivate the world we desire.

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