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Updated: Apr 29, 2024
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Hi, nice to make your acquaintance! I’m Denise Kelly Roberts, and my burning passion in life is to help people find their voice so they can share their STORY (and ideas) all over the world.

I work with individuals and independent publishers looking for professional editorial or publishing project management support.

Here’s My Story

I worked my way up from a person who struggled to find her voice and worth to become a journalist, commissioning editor and publishing director of a national magazine.

Today, I’m a Book Publishing Strategist | Developmental Editor | Holistic Book Coach | Co-Writer.

The journey here wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

I know what it feels like to have something to say and struggle to say it. To be tongue-tied, afraid, frustrated confused, to lack confidence… and to wonder where to turn to for help.

I don’t want anyone to feel like I did.

That’s why I launched The Book Gym and The Editor’s Chair… where we help you to write, edit and publish your story and ideas to help others the way you do best.

The Book Gym is the only gym community in the world exclusively dedicated to the development and care of the writer’s voice. It has an holistic and stress-free approach to teaching writing technique, processes and mindset.

You can request to join for free at or DM me via IG.


🗣I work with Thinkers, Speakers and Writers who want to take Action… they have a story or idea bursting to be let loose.
👤 I coach them to become confident storytellers and authors.
👥 I also work with publishers, organisations and SMEs to help them deliver innovative publishing projects.

If you are a publisher, organisation or SME looking for professional editorial or publishing project management support, please connect with me at

➡️Minister of the Word of Life
➡️Founder of The Editor’s Chair and The Book Gym TM
➡️Ex-journalist and 25 years strong in the publishing industry
➡️Life-long Learner at the University of Experience

——-Moderator on CH——-
🧠👄✍🏽Think Speak Write (Tues @8pm GMT)
🎩🎩Our Mindset (24/7)



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