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✅By profession I am a sound engineer.
☑Founder -spicesqueen Food products
✳⚡Spicesqueen Food Products..100% Home made products .100%Natural
✴ YouTube. Kunjapoos kitchen
✳ www.spicesqueen.com

We ventured into the market 40 years ago, with a grocery shop. Now, we enter with a new brand of home made spices, Curry powders, and masalas known as 'spices queen'.
Quality food products is our motto . Because of our uncomprimising quality with taste texture and aroma, we deliver the best quality of products. We also source our
spices from the highest quality products available in the market.
When you choose 'Spice queen products, you are choosing the best quality of natural home made products with no added Preservatives, color & flavor

We assure you a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee with our products

We will also begin an online store to provide the best quality grocery goods at a reasonable Price to our customers.
Spicesqueen Food products 94479 07685

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