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Dr. Sabiha is the Founder of DSCC and a Certified Intimacy and Relationship coach with over six years of experience in helping individuals and couples unleash their $exual energy and achieve $exual empowerment. Her expertise lies in guiding couples through their relationship conflicts and providing them with tools and techniques that will help them simplify love.

As a doctor & a certified Life Coach, Dr. Sabiha has coached more than 500 individuals & conducted various training programs and workshops. Her competitive advantage lies in being a woman, a hardcore NLP practitioner, & an ICF-certified life coach. She uses NLP tools and techniques based on sensory language, body language, and tonality, which provide her clients with a safe, non-judgmental space where they can get answers to their questions without sharing their deep, dark secrets.

Dr. Sabiha is passionate about spreading awareness about $exual well-being and believes that pleasure is a birthright. She provides individuals with a safe and judgment-free space for their souls to discuss their needs and desires.

Dr. Sabiha’s journey hasn't been easy. She had always envisioned a happily married life, but her reality was far from it. She struggled to fit in with the expectations of the new environment of a joint family she was in, leaving her feeling judged and overwhelmed. She believed that conceiving and giving birth to a child would miraculously change the scenario. The situation never changed and in fact, it worsened because of one unthoughtful decision. In the times of her need, she didn't know she had the option to seek professional help from a coach who could've provided her with choices. Eventually, she took the bold step of leaving that toxic environment and creating her own small, safe space. Thankfully, she and her husband reconciled, realizing that sometimes, space is necessary for a relationship. Since then, Dr. Sabiha reevaluated her beliefs and sought help from professionals whenever needed.

Dr. Sabiha made it her life’s mission to not let other couples go through the turmoils she did. That’s how DSCC was born, a brainchild of her passion & love. If you have read this till here you want your relationship to be saved. To get a 1-2-1 consultation session with Dr. Sabiha,click on the link given above or just drop a DM.

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