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Updated: Oct 2, 2023
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Dr puppetss bringing smiles to the faces of businesses and families lifting their spirits through videos and look a-likes. Convey Your message using puppetss. Turn your Nft into a full puppet.
➡️ puppetss.com
📍 Los Angeles Area
🌎 Connecting With The World Using Puppets

We create puppet videos for birthdays, businesses, holidays, or any
occasion. Our goal is to reach influencers, parents who want puppet
messages, or custom rap songs for their kids or businesses. The best
part? It's all about showcasing your message, in a new fun way to your

🎥 Videos We Can Create:
📣Business messages
👶🏼 Gender Reveals
🎉 Birthdays
👩‍⚖️Legal Puppet videos
🏠Real Estate
🎯Game promotion
🚛Food trucks
🧒 Kids stories
📚 Educational
📖 Author promoting books
Youtube videos
🎤Rap Battles
🎶Lip synch
🛖Non profits

If you have a message that needs delivered, we have a unique puppet
for that. Make any event or holiday even better with a custom message
from one of our loveable puppets.

💥We now offer Custom Puppet services to have you or a loved one
turned into a puppet.

✨Select a variety of puppets and backgrounds different voices
personalities. include photos and messages send a birthday message.

✨Give us 5 facts and we will create a rap song with a puppet in the background.

Our talented team will also even create some videos with your puppet so you can show all your friends or to use on
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other sites.

We can create videos for any occasion and are interested in hearing
what your needs are!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting our page puppetss.com

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