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Did you know coconuts can change the world as we know it? Carbon credits for investment and offsets.

Founder of Ecoco - serial entrepreneur opened companies in three countries and speaks four languages. We are a sustainable, innovative and socially impactful venture that will create a new business model that will be the subject of case studies in MBA and business programs around the globe. We recycle green coconuts destined for the dumps in the country that consumes more coconut water than Coca Cola. So billions discarded into open air landfills issuing green house gases into the atmosphere. Ecoco transforms this into coir a material that solves agriculture’s number one critical issue of water optimization. Additionally it has applications in construction, energy, furniture, and many others.

Over 300mm certified carbon credits available as investment and offsets for your company, nonprofit or private portfolio.

We ❤️ 🐮🐚⛷

Thankful for Amel, Clint, Jordan, Naz, Steve, Vivek, Laura, Pam, Lisa, Michelle, Jose, Josh, Ife, Ceiba, Danaya, Tonia, Carlos, Carrie, Kunal, Pam, David’s, Will, Prof T, Nate, Kate, Pooja, Thomas, Lauren, Roberto, Abdiel, Sebrae, and everybody

🚀We’re gonna rule the world
Don't ya know, don't ya know🚀
(Tim Maia)

Thankful for

Whatsapp +5521994648209

Favorite book
Not so wild a dream - Eric Sevareid

Favorite food - Stone crabs, the only sustainable seafood, besides they’re awesome fresh not frozen!

Are you a chemical engineer? Looking for an incredible opportunity!!!

Walk, bike or blade to take yourself anywhere. Just do it. Stay healthy and sustainable!

Promotor of Brazilian startups

Why you ask? I answer, why not!

#Sustainable Good Life
#The Unmessable with 413

Joint venture with, revolutionary technology that converts waste to energy and reverse the effects of global warming.

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 25 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link
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