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I’m Deezy
Social Media Manager
Content Creator
Small Business Consultant
Mental Health Advocate
Affiliate Marketer

MY Company
Really Talking Business is a consulting and social media management company assisting entrepreneurs in forming their LLC and building a presence on social media.

Services We offer:
✅ LLC formation
✅ Business Credit Consulting
✅ Business & Personal Banking Consulting
✅ Social Media Management
✅ Social Media Consulting
✅ Content Development (content & writing)
✅ Engagement Services

If you are needing to form a LLC or grow your presence on social media?
Let’s schedule a discovery call 📱

$Xods Token Pioneer - Xods is a semi decentralized BEP -20 utility token on BNB smart chain! Created for under privileged communities as a currency + more!
XODirect crypto wallet coming soon

Mad Bullish📈🚀on Neighborhood Tales NFT project 🤩
- This is most definitely a project you want to know about before it launches NFT + Meta Verse Game = Crazy Passive Income💰🤑

Message or DM “NFT” to get the discord invite

Peymynt is a black owned alternative to PayPal, Venmo, & Square. Try it out today for free just go ✅✅
- Fee Free Same Day Payouts
- Charge Back Insurance
- Merchant Capital Financing
- My Pey Me features same as Cash App but more secure!

💥Join if you are looking for an advertising platform to get international exposure for your business.
💥Gain a network and a consulting firm just by being an active member with
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🇺🇸 🖤

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