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PM - Netflix | Psychologist | Known for going into the best CH rooms, follow me if you wanna diversify your hallway; Disclaimer: Not here for followers but to connect and build a fam! 🤗🤍

Are you living your Eulogy or your Resumé?

Self-love propagator! My mentor says, “It’s not Selfish but selfISHQ!” So love yourself enough and unabashedly, take care of yourself because you cannot pour from an empty cup! Fill your cup first. I learnt this the hard way being a giver, but I’m so glad that I did!

I prefer listening to the stories one would rather prefer not to to share? Hit me up. I’m a listener :)

Here to learn and explore new perspectives to broaden my perception. There’s no right or wrong but ways of seeing, and truth is nothing but your current perceived reality!

Moody Multipotentialite ➡️ Polymath.
Stories. Memes. Conversations.
Skies. Blue Skies. Pink Skies.
Dogs. Cats. Animal Rescue.
Dancing. Football. Art. DIY. Learner.
FITNESS Fanatic. (Got fit and lost 24 kgs over the period of a year and a half! Yayy!) Can’t go two days in a row without dancing or working out.
Sarcasm FTW.
Mental Health Advocate.
Pharmacist. Ex-RJ. Teacher. Traveller. Feminist. Activist. Psychologist. Empath. Writer. Reader. INFJ.

📍Bangalore, India.

📩[email protected] (DMs open)

Find what you love and let it kill you.
Jack of all trades, master of few.

Invited by: Harish Bhuvan

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