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David Yang, Ph.D.

Co-founder Yva.ai, Founder ABBYY, member of Band of Angels, Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur specializes in AI, founded 12 companies.

Dr. Yang is a globally recognized thought leader, speaker and advisor in the areas of AI, Artificial Neural Networks, Remote Workforce Analytics, Collaboration Analytics, People Analytics, employee surveys, HR metrics, talent measurement, performance management and Organizational Change.

He’s the Founder of ABBYY - world leading developer of AI, Content Intelligence, Process Intelligence with 1300 employees in 14 offices in 11 countries. More than 50 million users and thousands of enterprise customers in 200 countries rely on ABBYY’s solutions including: PwC, McDonalds, Xerox, Toyota, Yum!Restaurants, Deloitte, PepsiCo, Jujitsu, Volkswagen, UCSF. World leading RPA vendors, including UiPath, BluePrism, NICE among others rely on ABBYY’s AI technologies.

Currently Dr. Yang is dedicated to Yva.ai, a real-time secure and ethical remote workforce analytics platform which helps organizations improve employee wellbeing and business performance. Yva’s pre-trained Artificial Neural Network analyzes Digital Collaboration between employees (passive feedback) and facilitates weekly 60-sec employee surveys (active feedback), asking questions specific to the individuals circumstances. The system benefits each employee, manager and executive by providing recommendations, dashboards and insights that improve dollar performance, create effective, customer focused cross-functional teams, increase engagement and sense of well-being amongst employees, sales operations, improve organizational agility and time to market.

Dr. Yang created Cybiko, world first hand-held wireless communication computer for teenagers; co-founded iiko, new generation AI powered restaurant and hospitality industry solutions; co-founded Plazius, a customer loyalty and mobile payment platform; founded a number of creative art-based ventures, including: FAQ-Café studio, DeFAQto; co-founded Ayb Educational Foundation and Ayb School.

Dr. Yang is also a frequent keynote speaker and author of numerous patents and scientific publications. The World Economic Forum in Davos named him as one of the top 100 World Technology Pioneers.

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