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Updated: Aug 18, 2022
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$60,000,000 + spent on influencer💰
Investors in 35 companies 📈
Speaker 250+ events🎤

Online school for entrepreneurs:
100million Academy.com

Text me: +1(337)-1269

My Sport cards store in LA: TheCoffeeBreakers.com 🏀🏈

Founder: “Elevator Studio” Social Media agency.
Thrown 38 “Elevator Nights” event that are FREE to attend.🎤
If interested in influencer campaigns or social medial management, email: [email protected]💻📫

For Accredited investors: [email protected]

My charity for the homeless: ModelCitizenfund.org🙏

Ultra High Level Mastermind group: 100mme.com

Real Estate Mastermind group. AvengersMastermind.com

“How to set-up Your Business For Under $1,000”📚

40 Locations of Acai bowl chain:
Everybowl.com 🍓♾🍲

Clubhus group: “Entrepreneurs Only”

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