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Updated: Sep 27, 2022
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Doctor, PHD, Neurophysiologist, Coach-therapist, Sexologist, The deep partnerships facilitator in couples, businesses, teams and Societies

🌅Помогаю превращать иллюзии —> осознанность и ясность своего пути и процветания как для свободных художников так и для 1-х лиц больших компаний 🌠

👉Телеграмм Канал: Интегральный человек-человек Будущего

More than 30 years I’ve been supporting people couples, leaders, partners and teams with outer and inner investigation in order to:
* meet greatest challenges of life to get through, get out the limits not to die but learn from it
* create own unique way to be effective and to have relax and focus state on the way,
* Maintain natural work-life balance
* Rely on your body and health consciously on ur way
* Create long-term partnerships in business and life to rely on
* Develop your authentic leadership style not to burn out but Fulfill yourself and your followers
* Get connection with your Unique Passion and reveal your powerful Vision to change own life and the world
* Bring it into the world to leave your legacy and to celebrate it with heart and joy!
💠And we do it in holistic, integral way!
with full responsibility,
standing on Values and inner Truth.

🎙I can deeply share and support next topics:

♻️Integral medicine and lifestyle
🔆Authentic performance and ecological efficiency in what you doing
🌠Organic,Effortless, Authentic Leadership
💚Deep and sincere partnerships of hi Efficiency In couples, Business partnerships, teams and local social groups
☯️Conflict transforming resolutions
💜Revealing the inner Call and passion, access to a Vision, Developing Mission (personal, team, company) in practical every day steps
😌Inner investigation in 2 Biggest questions:
who am I and
what am I doing here 🌐

My mission: is to contribute to integral world and Humanity for Compassion and Bigger Wisdom through my own way to live, going through questions above, Practically

⚠️Still I am not in open Internet resources access consciously.

You are sincerely welcome!

Invited by: Katia Bataeva

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