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🖤👉🏻Sharing my experience and speaking on topics of addiction, marriage, divorce, parenting, single parenting, domestic violence, step parenting, faith, nutrition, health, and weight loss.

A little ABOUT ME: I spent most of my adult life living under the opinions, and judgements of other people. Overweight, depressed, and anxious. In August of 2015 I separated from my then wife after an 8 year relationship of ups and downs. A lifestyle filled with abuse, verbal, emotional, physical, drugs, and alcohol.

On December 1st of 2015 after divorce, separation, and having my step daughter of 8 years removed from our lives I finally had enough. That morning I woke up choking on my own acid reflux. I tore off my CPAP mask I had been confined to for almost 9 years due to severe sleep apnea and ran to the bathroom. As I ate an entire roll of antacids trying to breathe I finally took a cold hard look at myself in the mirror. I had a conversation I will never forget with myself at 4 am that morning...

“You need to do something, and something now before your children are left without a father.”

That morning I tried my first at home workout. It was the hardest 25 minutes of my life... for me being overweight and depressed was hard 24 hours a day. If working hard for 25 minutes could change that I was ALL IN.

Fast forward to over 5 years later and I’ve lost 130lbs. I’ve met the woman of my dreams. My children have a father they can look up to. I’m proud of the man I see in the mirror now. I’m proud of the man I’m becoming. Everyday I wake up grateful that God has given me another day alive to help others and be the best version of myself I’ve ever been.

❤️If YOU feel my story would resonate with YOU or your audience, let’s connect. ✳️


Helping busy people change their bad habits. Showing people how to overcome their adversities, by no longer being victims of their circumstances in the areas of my experiences.

DM on Instagram for information on 👉🏻Supplements in 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧🇫🇷, nutrition, and fitness programs online.

⭐️💎Ranked in the🔝1% of the coaches in our network. 2018 Keynote speaker at my largest event of 25K attendees. Keynote speaker at over a dozen events since 2016.

💸Venmo: @Craig-Daigle

📩[email protected]

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