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💜 Love for no reason 💜
~Rav Yehuda Brandwein

Here to empower through activating and strengthening our connection with divine self💫 transpersonal living 💫 bringing out your gifts

I have been on a deep and sometimes very dark journey for the past 13 + years, self healed my endometriosis and learned to identify and heal subconscious beliefs, repressed emotions and other dimensional unseen influences in myself and others.💫

Using adversity for greater healing and truth, fueling your connection with your inner divinity, through custom tailored group and individual guided light transmissions on and off CH, as well as initiations. 💫

Daily Guided Light Transmission
9.15 AM ET in Khora Club or Producers Club Saturdays off ☀️days at 10 AM ET 💜


Free 20 minute intro call 💫

Going by Gian Kamal (ghee-on ka-mall) for activations and transmissions 💫

Living Light Anahata Energy system for Self Healing 💫 Level I courses available

Founder of KHORA 💫 (beta) a platform at the intersection of wellbeing, spirituality, and lifestyle. 💫

KHORA HOUSE: Coming soon 💫

KHORA creates sacred virtual and physical spaces for healing and transformative practical spirituality: curating gifted healers and teachers offering workshops, 1-1 sessions and other tools for transformation.

If the above resonates join the KHORA club on CH 💜💫 click first icon to the left on the bottom of your screen. Come on in’ 😘

Author of “an intuitive study of reality” an intro into spiritual concepts and tools for Spiritual Hygiene. 💫

(former) Fashion PR 💫

P.s. Gian Kamal is a Sikh name and means Lotus of Wisdom, reflecting the journey through the mud, the painful illusion of separation. 💫

Invited by: Nicole Patrice De Member

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