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Updated: Apr 14, 2023
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Fin-Tech| Investor |Podcaster| 250+ pound weight loss| Benzinga Contributor|

Loyola Chicago 19’ Alum

❤️24 years old looking to change the world and make profound impact. We all have one life on this earth, why not try to make it happen while we can? Featured on Thrive Global, US News & Chicago Journal.

💪🏼On a 250+ pound weight loss journey (I have 100 pounds left!)

💡I work with Hedge Funds on the SaaS tech side. My focus is emerging fund managers ($20M- $1B AUM).

✈️ Advisor
@Greater Purpose Athletics
(First location open just outside Chicago!)

Strategic ambassador: @Keto Krisp

📈Working with Gen Z’s and Millennials to understand and navigate the stock market- don’t let Wall Street make it complex. I took massive losses so you don’t have too. Trading is a love ❤️ hate 😡 relationship. I have a deep passion for the capital markets.

📊I like to invest in stocks, real estate, start-ups, wine & myself. The internet has made this easy for everyone.

🎙Podcast host : “The More We Know” on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google
Podcasts & Spotify! I interview experts from all around the world to bring you a mentor in your pocket in one hour or less. Some notable guests include the Mayor Of Miami, Emmy Award winning actor Robert Richard, and celebrity Beachbody fitness coach Joel Freeman.

📲 DM me for podcast feature or sponsor! Always looking to collab.

*DISCLAIMER*- educational
purposes only, not investment advice. Not a financial advisor, or registered investment broker. All opinions are my own, never soliciting any investments, and never recommending buy, holds, or sells. Stock discussions are conversational only. Always do your own due diligence, research, and contact your financial advisor for investment advice.

Invited by: Hector Regalado

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