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Updated: Oct 2, 2022
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🐕Trainer of dog trainers|
🐩Dog Behaviourist (degree & post grad)|
📚Accredited Expert Witness|
👩‍🏫International Lecturer|
📺TV Presenter (Channel 4 & ITV)
📈Business owner (The School of Canine Science)
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I help professional dog trainers to gain knowledge, enhance their skills and better their businesses.

Find us at canine
Facebook: 38.6k
Insta: 5.3k

...BUT MOST of all I love shutting my mouth and training my dog (especially training the sport of Mondioring) as well as hanging with my husband-to-be and adventuring with my little boy Santino.

Always happy to chat about
- The art of training dogs
- The science of animal behaviour (especially dogs)
- Malinois & pit bulls
- Dangerous Dogs & dog that get in trouble with the law
- The dog training industry at large
- Mondioring and how teaching dogs to bite has taught me SO much about teaching dogs not to bite
- Horses and horse riding
- Multi species species learning (including cats, horses, alpaca, goats, ferrets, rabbits, chickens and other birds, raccoons and children)
- Working on and with TV (I’ve trained dogs and cat for TV, magazine, film and ad work as well as presented 3 shows for mainstream U.K. TV including: Rescue Dog to Super Dog, Teach Your Pet (to do that) and Teach Your Baby Like A Dog)
- Training animal trainers
- Behaviour consulting
- Running a successful online business
- Living in Spain as a dog trainer and mother to a four year old
- Creative writing

You can find me:
Facebook: Jo-Rosie, Archie Super Pit & Co.; and The School of Canine Science

My agent TV is: David Foster

Invited by: Bryony Cole

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