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Updated: Mar 13, 2024
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No one ever wants their power taken away, or their voice silenced... Especially women going through Narcissistic abuse or DV.

And if you're going through this, you want someone who speficically understands DV/Narc abuse, who knows you're not crazy, and who will guide you through this step by step.

I can help you and here's why:
📌 Have 15 years experience as a "Special Victims" Investigator
🔥 Helped guide over One Thousand (1k)Women and Childen, to safety
🔥 Survived 9 years of Narcissistic Abuse (divorced 2016)
🔷️ Bullied as a child
🔷️ Abused by a parent

Also, my "why":
💪🏽 Helping People to Take Back Their Power (usually women).
🌎🔥My larger mission: Empowerment & Pers. Growth

How I help:
🏢Founder and President- Control and Power Strategy LLC
🔥 High Conflict Divorce Consulting
🔥 Trauma Coaching

👉🏼 10k card: willwisewords.com
👉🏼 web: www.controlandpowerstrategy.com
👉🏼 Serving the following countries: 🇺🇲🇨🇦🇬🇧

🔵 We help clients with:
🔥 How to find the right lawyer who actually understands DV & narcissism
🔹️ If you have a lawyer, How to get all of the information organized, so your lawyer can crush-it in court
🔥 Getting the Police to listen & help you (& what to say)
🔹️ Stopping the Police from being used against you

🔥 Stopping CPS from being used against you & actually help you
🔹️ Protecting you from over-reaching CPS investigators

🔵 Tools and techniques to protect from:
🔥 Continued stalking/harassement
🔹️ Continued DV or narc abuse
🔥 Dating a Narcissist or an abuser- words, signs, etc.

Additional expertise:
👉🏼Alcoholism & Subst. Abuse concerns (& DV), or...
🔵 Schools:
👉🏼When children, exposed to DV at home, are being bullied and school prof.'s aren't helping, or
👉🏼Behavioral concerns, Services, Mental Health, & "Columbine" situations.

I'm also a:
✅️ Founder and President | Social Impact Strategist | Source/Featured in Mind Body Green, Owl Guru, etc.
✅️ Sought after Media and PodCast guest | Thought Leader | Speaker | Author | Coach (trained)- Trauma & Transformat'l | Brand Ambassador (3x)
Canadian 🇨🇦 living in America 🇺🇲 (21 Years)

🦉Owwll Brand Ambassador🦉
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Languages 🗣 🇧🇷/🇵🇹, 🇨🇵, 🇲🇽/🇪🇦, & 🇮🇱
Follow me on 👇Twitter and IG👇

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