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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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Co-founder of, a hands-free voice assistant that guides and motivates physical therapy patients through their home exercise programs. #VoiceFirst #PT #DigitalHealth

VoicePT makes physical therapy simple, accessible, and convenient. Our hands-free, voice-activated assistant guides physical therapy patients through every step of their prescribed home exercise programs, while motivating them to establish physical therapy as a daily habit. Using VoicePT is like having your physical therapist in the room with you.

Living in Chicago now, Born and raised in New Jersey. College at Washington University in St. Louis. Worked and lived in Boston, Portland (Oregon), San Diego, Boise and more.

Extroverted-Introvert. ENTP. #ADHD. Top 5 CliftonStrengths = Input, Futuristic, Learner, Restorative, and Command.

Find me as @brettadler on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse, Medium, AngelList and more.

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