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launched at May 26 , 2021 3:00pm

co-founder Postmasters Gallery, New York . Postmasters is a contemporary art gallery since 1984. Representing cutting edge contemporary artists.
Working with digital artists since 1991.

i am here to learn. to give back when i can
stubborn eastern european :)

Involved in THE THING.net (founded by Wolfgang Staehle among others in 1991 as a BBS) one of the first ’global’ online art communities, from 1995, hosted it’s offices (physically) a couple of years.

Curated the first digital art show in NYC “Can You Digit?” in 1996 (the opening was attended by over 3k people) with LaurenceArcadias , bigtwin, Brad Johnson, Ebon Fisher, Ervin, Redl, Ken Feingold, Craig Kalpakjian, Alan Keahey, George Legrady, Stephen Linhart, M.A.D., Lev Manovich, Thomas Muller, Pixelpeppy, Post Tool Design, Tirtza Even, Terbo Ted, Ursula Endlicher, i|o 360, Sawad Brooks, Mark Madel and others. Also “MacClassic” and numerous others. “Netomat” a multimedia browser by Maciej Wisniewski and and “Bitstream” a large interactive installation by John Klima (2002) were included in the Whitney Biennial.
Was Co-funder of Netomat a startup company dedicated to the development of netomat a revolutionary multimedia platform, funded by the Rockefeller F. among many others.
Hosted rhizome.org for a couple years.
Currently working with numerous accomplished digital artist of various ages.

I invite you to join me.
instagram: @postmastersgallery

until i figure out how to change follow me at:

TWITTER: @PostmastersBC


Invited by: Paulina Bębecka

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