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Updated: Mar 7, 2023
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Photographer of 4 years and I’ve created a Modeling Agency for black women ✊🏿

My agency is BLACK. AGENCY and here’s what makes my agency unique than other modeling agencies.

BLACK. AGENCY is a company that promotes black women through modesty to go against the norm of over-sexualizing the black woman through media.

No Nudity, No Partial Nudity, No Suggestive content!

While my agency’s target brands to work for are skincare, jewelry and fashion brands I’ve been able to work for a perfume brand in New Zealand and even brands based in Greece! So many have loved my vision and I’m truly happy that I’m able to do this work and make a difference in the world of media! 👏🏿

We are based in the DMV area and it’s really been taking off since I’ve launched it!

I’m on Clubhouse to network, learn, collab, and find likeminded people to help me move forward!

There are so many things that I have lined up to make this Agency greater and greater everyday!

Lets Connect!

Instagram - @TupacZakur
Instagram - @_blackagency
Website -

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