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Updated: Nov 19, 2023
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🇮🇳I can advise Modi Yogi - don’t ask me if they need my advise or not ?
# I know politics & administration better than Modi yogi, I can solve all problems of india in less than micro second. Modi Yogi don’t know anything.
# I always know cricket better than Sachin & Dhoni, I can make 1000 runs on each ball. I am serious.
# इसलिए मै मोदी जी की रात दिन गलती निकालता रहता हूँ - मैं राम जी के समय धोबी के रूप में अकेला था - लेकिन आज मै भारत के हर सनातनी घर में बैठा हूँ । बाक़ी लोगों के घर में मेरी entry ban है - बस मै सनातनियों के घर में घुस सकता हूँ - वही से मोदी को निशाना बना सकता हूँ ।

चौकिदार (respected chaukidar 💪) असहिष्णु (intolerant) ही होता है - रात दिन डंडे बजाता रहता है - भागो औरंगजेब, भागो बाबर, भागो इटली की महिला
लेकिन चौकिदार का काम लोगों को जगाना ही होता है - असली काम लोग करते है - जागने के बाद

मुझे सचिन और धोनी से ज़्यादा क्रिकेट आती है
साथ ही मोदी जी से ज़्यादा राजनीति समझ आती है और उनसे अच्छा प्रशासन भी चलाना आता है .

Compassion for all animals- please stop farming animals for your consumption. Please Stop consuming animals

Godse killed gandhi - लिब्रांडु कांग्रेसी chant one million times .
But no noise against murderers of indira & rajeev- do you want to say assassination of indira & rajeev was legitimate ?? Or no value of Indira & Rajeev?? Trying to understand- please help me dear लिब्रांडु , why do you call out name of only Godse ji , why did your Italian mother forgave conspirators of rajiv gandhi’s killing?? Why you don’t call out Khalistani Terrorist?? Are you supporter of LTTE & Khalistani terrorist??

Also dear लिब्रांडु tell me which law was used to execute Godse ji?? Because constitution came into existence in 1950 , 26 Jan and when did you executed Godse ji??

COW is not for milk - Soil &!Farming need gau mata to make soil fertile using Valuable गोबर- गौमाता consumes farm waste and give us gold (गोबर & गौमूत्र) to enrich soil and milk,
Milk is by product for human consumption after her calf has taken enough

Gau Mata is essential for food security- milk is by product.

Milk is not bad - its good for everyone in every aspect
but Milk economics is bad - open field grazing is right of गौ माता because she is जगत जननी

Myself following someone or being on speaker panel or being mod in a room doesn’t indicate that I agree with the title of room or thoughts of other mods / speakers.

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