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learning new technologies and keeping up with the dynamic market trends.

Since then, I kept expanding my skill set through certifications like Google Adwords, Bing Certified Professional, Microsoft Partner Network Digital Marketing Certification and many more. I began attending digital marketing events and got invited to some, including Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Ad:techIndia, Rise Conf, Web Submit, Surge Conf, and Click Asia. Eventually, I gained complete knowledge of the know-hows and have been devising customized and economic digital marketing solutions for my established global clientele. After successfully battling challenges like economic depression and the dynamicity of the market, my knowledge deepened and my hold on the market tightened. I, then, began hosting events to impart this knowledge and expertise.

As a travelpreneur and someone who promotes solo travel rigorously, I have been into travel since 2007. Exploring more than 24+ countries, I have traveled across the globe and am the founder of Solo Travelers MeetUp and have been organizing Solo Traveller Meet Community at different locations around the world for Solo Travelers who have the courage to follow their passion of traveling and exploring new horizons.

Correspondingly, the concept of Solo Travel Meet kept growing. What started as a mere local gathering, grew into multiple global meet-ups. The idea spread its wings world wide. We successfully brought together solo travel junkies and united severals with intriguing solo travel stories, expert tips and inspirations. Travelling with a bunch of solo travellers to attractive yet less explored locations became our trademark. Solo Travel Meet grew exponentially to be awarded for excellence in "Tourism & Hospitality" at The Global Leaders Awards 2019, held at Baku, Azerbaijan.


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