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فقط ۴ درصد مردم قاره سبز(اروپا) در بخش “”کشاورزی فعالیت دارند. ایران، کشوری که در رتبه پنجم بحران آب قرار گرفته، ۱۹ درصد مردم شاغل در بخش کشاورزی هستند، آن هم با روش های غیر اصولی که بیشتر شبیه هدر دادن آب است تا کشاورزی.
‘مرگ آگاهی’ عین ‘خود آگاهی’ است
Revolutionaries do not make revolutions! The revolutionaries are those who know when power is lying in the street and when they can pick it up.—HANNAH ARENDT
The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.-- Hannah Arendt
“We die. That may be the meaning of life,” —Toni Morrison

The Cultural Veil: Iran’s Weaponization of Culture to Oppress Women and Deflect Criticism:
I reserve the right, and actually celebrate the idea, that I can change my opinions/belief/take when confronted with new data or a new compelling logic. That’s not a sin. That’s scientific and/or policy progress.
Hope in Dark Times is no match for Action—Hannah Arendt

The Two Truths📢🗣

The sender has an intention, that is usually hidden/implicit in the message. The intention is the sender’s truth.

The receiver analyses the information heard, by matching it against his beliefs, values as well as his experiences. His perception of what he heard becomes the receiver’s truth.

Sender: Intention => truth
Receiver: Perception => truth
Sender’s truth != Receiver’s truth
(the receiver’s truth might not be the sender’s truth)
This all happens very fast and subconsciously. Some people have a default channel on which they send and receive messages due to preference, experience or a strong belief system. Role and default perceptions and expectations on the role can have a big impact
The Erasing Of Iranian Women, Their History, And Their Aspirations:
Iran Atrocities Tribunal on November 2019 Massacre:
" Birds born in a cage, think flying is an illness"—Alejandro Jodorowsky

پرندگانی که در قفس به دنیا می ایند فکر
می‌کنند پرواز یک بیماری هست—الهاندرو جودر‌سکی

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