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19 produced feature film/TV movie/TV episodic work. Produced credits are on IMDB. Have many, many other scripts which were either bought or optioned that have never been produced, two of those made the original Blacklist of best unproduced projects for that year. WGA and WGC.

I’m a producer on seven of the films I’ve had made and worked as an actor as well (actually made a modest living at it the year before the writing took off - thank you, GENERAL HOSPITAL, where I had a small recurring role for about eight months, as well as a few other film and TV acting jobs that year… As much as I find acting terrifyingly satisfying, I think the universe made a wise decision steering me towards writing.)

I’ve had some success as a novelist with five books published. Film rights to my novel, HONEYMOON WITH HARRY, were bought by New Line Cinema. My next novel, THE WEDDING GIFT, was just released and doing well. There is already film interest and it’s out to production houses, a director is attached. The second sequel to HONEYMOON WITH HARRY (would that be a triquel???), THE LAST HONEYMOON WITH HARRY, will be out in November 2022. A graphic novel I co-wrote, THE SACRED BAND OF THEBES, also should be published next year (art work is being done…not sure how long that process takes). And the first season (28 episodes) of my Vella story, SCRAPS, are live on Amazon’s Kindle Vella. Love this form of storytelling! Check it out!

My professional writing career began in the theater. I’ve had eight plays produced around the world. Film rights to my play, RELAY, were purchased by Warner Bros. after a successful run in Los Angeles.

I am always writing, if not on assignment then I’m working on a novel or a spec script. I also focus on the business of writing, especially when I’m not working with an agent/manager. Presently have two TV projects in the mix and developing others, and recently finished two spec scripts I’m excited about. Been blessed to make a living at writing for over 35 years. Love what I do for a living. Plus I have two teenage sons and they like to eat. A lot.

But what I am most proud of is being the dad of those two teenagers. My family is my world. My sons are black, my husband is Puerto Rican, I’m white. When we show up, we are the diversity.

I’m an aging bodybuilder/gym rat and swimmer. That’s what keeps me sane.

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