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Updated: Sep 28, 2022
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AWARE India, a registered Chennai based not-for-profit organisation driven by the vision of a world where all vulnerable groups including children and women exercise their rights through equality. We are working on below projects & missions.

*Chemmenchery Holistic Community Development Project* - a mission of removing all societal issues to transform them into a self-sustainable community by educating & empowering the children, the real change makers

*Mission SaveTheSmiles* - a movement on creating awareness on prevention and processing/reporting/handling of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)

*Mission NoMoreNirbhaya* -  a citizen-driven movement to address Gender Based Violence (GBV) by promoting gender equality through sensitizing our age-old stereotypes and norms.

*Mission SafeActivePeriods* - a movement to address the lack of factually right, engaging and socially acceptable knowledge on menstruation and sustainable menstrual products

*Mission LetsTalkSex* - a movement to educate children about their bodies, healthy relationships, sexual and reproductive health, gender identity and sexual orientation.

*Mission MentalHealthMatters* - a movement to promote mental health and the prevention of mental, emotional and social problems is the responsibility of every person in the community

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