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The Couples Coach

Ask me about my Pre Marital Transformation Boot Camp
Relationship Coach !
Keynote Speaker!
The WoMan HooD Therapist! 👩🏼‍🔬
The Coolest Auntie💕
Excellent Story Teller📖👓🤓
Expert Moderator 🎙
Certified Facilitator 👩🏼‍⚖️
Life Coach IT
Motivational Speaker👩🏼‍⚖️
4x Author 📚
Mother of 7 🌬👧🏽👧🏽👧🏽👧🏽👧🏽👦🏼👦🏽
Grandmother of 3 👵👵🏼👴🏼👶🏼
Lactation Specialist🤱
Domestic Violence Volunteer 🦋
Relationship Humorist 😂
Conflict resolution
Business Woman 👩🏼‍💼
Army Veteran 🎖
World Traveler 🧳
A huge sense of humor 😂

Author of “Pick your Men like you Pick your Fruit!” Pre Relationship Workbook”

Watered Down Wisdom -1st Novella

Gidget Goes to Philly - Short Story

Sisterhood “ The foundation of it all”-

Welcome .... to a safe place for women to share their life experience !
Greetings, I have experience helping teenagers- women and men for over 20 years! I’m from Hampton, Va.
I am confident that this will be the room to hang out in. 🥳
I’m 54, mother of7️⃣grandma of 🥉!
I have made plenty mistakes in my lifetime so I bring you wisdom😎 with love 💕I will give you real Relationship and pre relationship expertise! It’s time we love ourselves more than these men!

Facebook Group: Healthy Relationships between Women

“Women are never wrong, we just knew that ish before you!” Author Saidah Brown

I'm the peacefulness that calms a man's stress .... How I long to cool his eyes!
-Author Saidah Brown-

You know I hear women say all the time, how if he was a real man...he
wouldn't cheat, or he wouldn't talk to other women.
Why is the character of a man always defined by how many mistakes
he has made instead of how he handles his business?
Maybe it's time that we-do away with emotional analyzations and start introducing human interpretation in to our thought process. It seems as if the norm is to financially support a male and call him a man... until he makes
Mistakes! 🤦‍♀️

A man is not defined by his mistakes, but rather how he replenishes!

Author Saidah Brown

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Apple Pay🍎75797579….

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