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To know how to put what knowledge in which place is wisdom (hikmah). Otherwise, knowledge without order and seeking it without discipline does lead to confusion and hence to injustice to one's self.

Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas,


Truth is never timeless and absolute, therefore, but continuously revealed to those who partake in critical reflection based on struggle.

~ Farid Escak

“I believe that there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those that do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice and equality and those who want to continue the systems of exploitation.”.

- Malcolm X.
el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz

New Atheists have actually become religious fanatics and in their quest to bludgeon society with their beliefs about secularism, they have actually adopted the state religion — one that, though void of prayers and rituals, demands that its followers blindly support the whims of politicians.

~ Noam Chomsky.

"Secular liberalism cannot be addressed simply as a doctrine of the state, or as a set of juridical conventions: in its vast implications, it defines, in effect, something like a way of life."

- Saba Mahmood.

Modernity is one of the most delicate and vital issues confronting us, the people of non-European countries and Islamic societies. A more important issue is the relationship between an imposed modernization and genuine civilization. We must discover if modernity as is claimed is a synonym for being civilised, or if it is an altogether different issue and social phenomenon having no relation to civilisation at all. Unfortunately modernity has been imposed on us, the non-European nations, in the guise of civilization.

- Ali Shariati


Solidarity requires that one enter the situation of those with whom one is solidary, it is a radical posture.

~ Paulo Freire


Neoliberalism produces massive injustice at the global level; exploitation and exclusion are constitutive of it. It sets up a 'banopticon' that identifies those who are hostile or unsuited to the system as undesirable and excludes them."

-Byung-Chul Han


"When we revolt it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe"

-- Frantz Fanon

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