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Self-made Millionaire in the making!
CEO of Ashley’s Financial LLC, Ashley’s Luxury Travels, Ashley’s Property Investments and Women’s Creative Mindset Inc.

❣️My mission is to bless others with my blessings 🙏 help ppl to reach their dreams by teaching them financial literacy in becoming mentally and financially ready to obtain future goals! You Don’t Need Money To Become Rich’ You Need the Information ℹ️

Crypto Currency Financial Literacy link below: Make Millions💰💰💰


✔15yrs exp. Licensed Tax Accountant both individual/commercial

📋Licensed Signing Notary ✍️

✔Business Start-up/Building business Credit/Business loan assistance/

✔(7/8a) SBA/Federal Government Contracts/Knowledge/Assistance/Local Government Contracts for CBE/DBE/Subcontractors!

🏡Real-estate Investor both Str Airbnb/long-term rentals/Condos/Multi-units

🏞Auction Land Investor (Generational Wealth)🏦

👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏻Non-Profit Transitional Homes/Teaching Financial Literacy/Education Services for Minority Low-Income Communities/Homeownership Services’ etc.

✅💲Building Business Credit Successfully from Scratch/Business Credit Cards/Business Loans/Commercial Realestate Loans/Leverage/Assets$

✅Currently building teams for Real-estate Investing

✅Airbnb Rental Arbitrage/buy-and-hold knowledge

✅Wholesaling/flipping/tax liens/deeds

❤️Bringing valuable information to everyone is my passion

👇My motto;

🙏“It’s always a blessing to be a blessing”

😟“Scared Money don’t make Money”

💪"Knowledge is Power”


🙋‍♀️"A closed Mouth doesn’t get fed”

😉"Know your Worth”

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


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