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Updated: Jan 27, 2023
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HR Director, Al-Sarah hospital
Al-Sarah Medical Group.

Club : HR LAND
حتى الثوابت متغيرة كلما تعلمت جديد

HR Director in medical field hospitals &Medical complexes. HR experience in hospitality field resorts & chalets.
More than 10 years HR experience.
Business management bachelor with honor degree.

Building a structure that includes values, job descriptions, a salaries, compensations, benefit, training and development programs. recruitment system. Establishing internal policies and procedures build relationships with local and international recruitment companies.

#Freelancer as talent acquisition
#Freelancer Business Analysis - Planning

مدير موارد بشرية- القطاع الصحي
#مستشفيات#مجمعات طبية#صيدليات
#استشارات #توظيف#تطوير

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