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Updated: Sep 25, 2022
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🌸Nice to meet you💖I want to make friends all over the world.✨🤝✨Please become a Friend and Follow me.❤Thank you❤️
I live in Japan.🇯🇵

🎶🎧💎Love Music💎🎶

🕊I want to get along with a peaceful person.🕊
🕊☮️🙏Always wish for world peace🌐🕊

If there are occasional restriction,follow back slowly.🙏
It may be a bug? it may be off even if you follow it sometimes.🥺

Japanease Speaker.
I’m not good at speaking shy,so I’m listening.🙏❤️

♫Love Art🎨♫

🎨Art collector.

※* Only for Android devices? A mysterious phenomenon!
The person I followed recently may be unfollowed for some reason, even though I haven't done anything since then. 😅 Clubhouse bug?
I haven't removed it after following the person who is following me.

※* Backchannels and followback may not be returned immediately when work is busy. 🥺🙇
so I'd appreciate it if you could wait please.🙏❤️
※I may not receive messages from people who are not followed me.






うらら はるかさん @urara_haruka のArt🎨の一部。

※The icon illustration is a part of the art of "@urara_haruka", an artist who creates art with the theme of “world peace”. Favorite collection. (The artist herself has given permission to publish the icon.)


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July 19, 2022 3,600 +100 +2.9%
July 16, 2022 3,500 +100 +3.0%


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