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Updated: Jan 26, 2023
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Writer • Poet • Traveller • Trip leader • Content creator • Host • Photographer

Kuch der kaam chodkar us dhalte hue sooraj ko dekhne chalein?
Tum chai le aana, main kuch baatein le aaunga!

• I like listening to people so if you ever feel the need to talk and express yourself, I'm just a message away. You're never alone 🤗

• Living for the small moments.

• Sone se pehle sapne dekhne ka shauk hai.

• Travelling across 🇮🇳 and listening to some beautiful stories on the way.

• Trying to lead a life which is not defined by the rule books. Sketching a journey which will be full of ups and downs but will not comprise of stagnation.
Eyes that seek inspiration at every street they cross.
A body that would run 10-20kms across the jungles and streams to hear that one story that deserves to be heard.

• Samudra ke gehre paani mein bekauf kood jaana hai,
Us oonche pahaad ki choti par shor machaana hai,
Is desh ki har banjar zameen par ek phool ugaana hai,
Kisi naye sheher ki anjaan gali mein ek dost banana hai,
Zindagi mein yaar abhi bahot kuch paana hai..

• Reach out if you wish to travel along with me. ♥️

Invited by: Eshan Shukla

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