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Historian, author, Bollywood film scriptwriter, politician. Based in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Winner of the 'mike drop moment ($50 token award)' on Film Talk With Cat & Kell-'Could Your Life Be A Movie', a Clubhouse show, for my film story: 'GOD'S DON'T DIE'.

2 Minute Film Pitch of 'GOD'S DON'T DIE'

April 2021. I, a moderately successful Bollywood scriptwriter and social justice warrior, paying homage to 2020 Covid first wave victims by writing an article: Someone has to speak up for the dead. Suddenly, I get the message that both my parents, mom 80, Dad 85, who live in a small town in North India, have contracted Covid. No worries. They are both retired doctors, famous for their philanthropy. They are under the care of their ex-students who worship them. A day later, I get a call from my sister. I hear a wail, coming as if from an amplified torture chamber. My father is dead. I start losing my sense. I rush to the airport. I arrive in my small town--and meet my mother. What she tells me stuns me: for the one day my father was in the hospital, there was no care. My mother slept on the floor. When my father was taken to the ICU, the ward boy was not even carrying portable oxygen. When he reached the ICU, the ventilator was out of order. None of his ex-students stood up for him. My father was like God in this city.
Gods are not treated like this. Gods don't die.
I pick up my father's old, rusted, .32 Webley Scot revolver.
It is loaded.
Someone has to speak up for the dead.

ALSO working on The Minister's Wife, an erotic-political thriller, based on my novel of the same name.

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Email: [email protected]



Lucknow: Fire of Grace (Harper Collins, India, 1999).

Mangal Pandey: True Story of an Indian Revolutionary (Rupa, 2005).

War of Civilizations: 1ndia 1857 AD, Vol I and II (Rupa, 2008).


The Minister's Wife (Penguin, 2002).


President: 1857 Nationalist Forum, Mangal Pandey Sena, Rashtrawadi Kisan Kranti Dal.


Co-writer: Bullet Raja (2013), a hardboiled, colourful, gangster- crime thriller, set in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. It explores male bonding, humour, fun, politics, vengeance, corporate intrusion, bravery, chivalry, and chicanery, in the rapidly changing, 21st century world. It's a regular, mainstream film, which enjoyed a wide, commercial release and tasted success.

Invited by: Leher Sethi

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