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🟢A passionate actor🎞️. Acted as support role in Love Life and Pakodi with KC as my character, featuring on Amazon Prime Video. I don't belong to just any "wood" and yes I'm here to promote my movie in Clubhouse. Currently working with BhaagSaale Telugu Film😍💃🕺

🟢 Forever Grátítüdë to Clubhouse and it's people ❤️🙏🙇🙏❤️

🟢 I'm a Peacepreneur. I believe in peace keeping than peace making.

🟢 How can I help you?

🟢Married Since 2012 - Fun and Frustration are part of it🤪

🟢 Partner at AMEYA AWAKENING an elite spiritual group to Awaken the powerful you. A life long Spiritual journey I chose to be with❤️❤️

🟢A portrait photographer
Specialized at Corporate Headshot, fashion, and candid photography📸.

🟢Pro networker🤝. An ex member of BNI -World's No.1 referral organization, Since 2013

🟢Vizag babu living in Hyderabad. Lived at Bangalore for 15yrs

🟢Connector of "passions and hobbies" and transform to professions.

🟢I'm MAD about Making A Difference to people's lives personal and professional.

🟢Love to be fit at both mind and body. Peace keeper. Happiness giver and receiver.

🟢Always with Positive attitude.

🟢PAN India present at 10 States for photography

🟢ex Member of BNI Champions Bangalore Since 2013 -The World's first Diamond chapter 💎
Currently with BNI Capital Hyderabad 💎 chapter too

🟢Former partner with GWN (Global Wedding Network)

🟢Power collaborator.

🟢Love to meet new people.

🟢Always excited until the space suits my vibe.

🟢I love philosophy, I'm motivational and empowerment coach.

🟢Fitness freak, loves yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, zumba, dance

🟢 Ambivert.

🟢I don't capture celebs much, I create celebs.

🟢Art lover

🟢 Spiritual being

🟢 A graduate at Landmark Worldwide and done over 9 courses there.

🟢 Life long Spiritual journey in progress.

🟢I'm a big fan of myself despite of all odds I face😎

🟢Love watching got talent shows worldwide, listening to music(not genre specific, rather mood specific)

💚💚Remember we are all humans and having ego is natural but don't let it drive you crazy to ripple people away from you💚💚

My Quote: Every Saint got a past. Every sinner got a future❣️💞❤️🕺💃🥰😍😘🤗❤️

🟢Reach out to me on my insta for my help.

▪️Web: flickr.com/arbclicks/sets | ▪️arbphotography.business.site
▪️FB: facebook.com/akarshrbphotography
insta: arbphotography.team
▪️LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/31560527/admin/
▪️ Biz Card:a https://www.tocard.in/arb-photography

Invited by: Shalini Satya

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