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Lives in El Salvador
As agents of free will, we are called to be mindful of:
Surrendering TO one’s conscience is the total net gain of SELF
Whereas, surrendering one’s conscience is the loss of self.
What does it take for humanity to be human?
What does it take for us to be human?
What does it take for me to be human?
I had no say, opinion or option when, where and to whom to be born.
I assume it was a labor of passion and love that gifted me my humanity.
I said goodby to the womb that formed me. So sad it was I cried. I took my first breath in Jaffa, Palistine to celebrate and got addicted to the fresh air of my HOMELAND. I laid on the breast that fed, nourished and gave me my first kiss.
My life has been hellos and goodbyes.
It is perceiving, acknowledging, accepting, receiving, processing, learning and sharing.
My humanity is a gift every bit of it. From the moment of conception and the first hello to the very last goodbye. Yes! All of it is a gift the good the not so good and even the bad. Humanity is a gift.
If we deny the humanity of the others, we negate our own humanity. With it we waist a gift that is so unique which is handed only to each one of us and to no one else.
What an amazing grace that grant us humans our humanity.
With bowed heads and hands lifted to embrace and hearts filled with joy and thanksgiving we celebrate our humanity. مــوطــنــي، مــوطــنــي
الجـلال والجـمال والســناء والبهاء
فـــي ربــاك، فــي ربـــاك
والحـياة والنـجاة والهـناء والرجـاء
فــي هـــواك، هـــــل أراك، سالما منعما و غانما مكرما
هـــــل أراك فـي عـــلاك تبـلـغ السـمـاك،
مــوطــنــي، مــوطــنــي.
الشباب لن يكل همه أن يستقـل أو يبيد
نستقي من الـردى ولن نكون للعــدى، كالعـبـيـــــد لا نريــــــد، ذلنا المؤبدا وعيشنا المنكدا لا نريــــــد بـل نعيــــد مـجـدنا التـليـد
الحسام و اليـراع لا الكـلام والنزاع
رمــــــزنا، رمــــــزنا
مـجدنا و عـهدنا واجـب من الوفا
عـــــــزنا، غاية تـشرف و راية ترفرف
يا هـــنــاك فـي عـــلاك قاهرا عـــداك، قاهـرا عــداك
موطني، موطني.

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