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Updated: Oct 4, 2022


The Kodavas anglicised as Coorg's are a patrilineal ethno-lingual tribe, from around the world now.

The modern Coorgs are now futurized and are moving towards achieving global recognition keeping their identity, their roots in check and to end with a high note.

Kodava is an emotion! Being bold and courageous runs through our blood.


Don't hesitate to open your own rooms considering a few things mentioned below!🥂

*Respect the speakers in the room irrespective of their age/gender/caste/religion.
*Bullying or interruptions during the sessions will not be tolerated.
*This club is also purposed for 'networking' 🌟
*No use of hate comments directed to any individual, we believe in creating a safe place to express different opinions💯
*Mutual respect is appreciated⚡
*A person will be moved down to the listener panel, if he/she does not follow the above mentioned rules!🔥💥
*Suggestions are welcome, impositions are shown the door.
*Any member can create your own room by reaching out to the admin panel but do not judge a person if he/she speaks a specific language to convey a message🔔.

Admin panel - @divyaramesh @nideepn @karankariappa @shreyassomanna @NehaNanaiah @SuchalBojamma @Punya Poonacha

ANYONE who disagrees are welcome to leave :)


No offense to be taken!

A person is free to express his/her opinion being civil. Offense is not to be take due to any difference in opinion. Profanity towards any group or individual will not be tolerated.


We have a healthy and open forum of mixed individuals from our community. Let's create a safe space for all of them.

Opinions and Respect

We care about each others views and respect their beliefs within the community.

Last 30 Records

Day Members Gain % Gain
March 11, 2022 1,400 +1 +0.1%
November 23, 2021 1,399 -2 -0.2%
November 18, 2021 1,401 +4 +0.3%
November 13, 2021 1,397 +4 +0.3%
November 08, 2021 1,393 -1 -0.1%
November 06, 2021 1,394 -4 -0.3%
October 31, 2021 1,398 +2 +0.2%
October 30, 2021 1,396 +1 +0.1%
October 28, 2021 1,395 +49 +3.7%


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