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Updated: Aug 10, 2022


We debunk the myths of public relations, the media industry and drive conversation around the importance and relevance of PR and media.

We look forward to having uplifting, inspiring and powerful conversations about the public relations industry, the intersection of brands and media and the power of using and leveraging PR for growth.

PR PROS - Media Experts - Editors - Journalists - Brand Strategists - Influencers - Brands - Founders - and everyone in the media forum are welcome.

We want to help bring people, brands and media experts together. Brands and Founders are welcome to learn and expand the power of growth!

Here you will get vetted, trusted and FACTUAL info on how this industry works from the voices who make it happen everyday.

Founded by @danimatte - Founder/CEO The NBP Group (@nobadpress)
If you want to host a room - please DM @danimatte for approval. DM’s are open.


No Pitching or Selling your product

This is a safe space for conversation, it’s not intended for brands and publicists to pitch media or anything of that sort.

Be Respectful

Different perspectives offers diverse and powerful conversations. Here for it - as long as it’s respectful.

Do not spread Falsehoods

This is a trusted source of factual information. We foster conversation around facts and expertise.

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