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Updated: Jun 26, 2021


Welcome to Safe Travels!


Welcome to the club for all things travel safety. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, emerging explorer, or you work in the travel or hospitality industry... Anyone and everyone who loves to travel with mindfulness and care for the safety and well-being of all: This club is for you.

We go beyond the travel safety talks of bruises and broken bones, delving deeper into the raw details that really matter.

We’ll explore the intersectionality of cultures and travel safety across the global spectrum.

We’ll ask questions about sustainability, like how our travel can impact the ecosystems and cultures we interact with and how we can minimize harm as we move around the world.

We’ll consider accessibility in travel and talk about ways we can democratize travel for all.

Most importantly, we’ll collectively recall our humanity in each discussion to bring together a community of people who share in common a love for travel and empathy for people everywhere.


Above all else, Safe Travels is an inclusive space. We welcome and respect folx of all genders, orientations, races, national origins, and cultural backgrounds.

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