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Updated: Jun 29, 2021


🎙💥🎙 Learn how to be the best MC and Moderator on Clubhouse with the Most Amazing MC on Clubhouse! 🦸🏼‍♀️Leading with authenticity and compassion

🔥Jodeen Co-hosted the first longest standing clubhouse room (20+ days, 24/7). Called What it takes to run a million dollar business

🚀 Helping celebrities, millionaires, and leaders grow their CH room so they can drop value bombs all day long and their audience wants to come back for more.


🎙 I am respectful of others on the stage

✳️ I will not speak over people on Clubhouse Stages.

⬇️⬅️ I shall not move others to the audience

✳️ If I accidentally move someone down to the audience while I am looking at their profile I will apologize

🎙Repeat After Me....

✳️ My Name Is __________. ..... And I AM ADDICTED TO CLUBHOUSE❣️ 🎙💥🎙

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