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Updated: Oct 31, 2023


THAALHAFILI - 02/02/2022 Thaalhafili is a safe space for everyone. Our main motive is the freedom of speech, Social issues, political issues as well as entertain and provide knowledge to our entire community, members and followers.
Be nice and respectful: We welcome and encourage fruitful debate and conversation, but please be sure your thoughts are expressed in the vein of friendship rather than antagonism.
Flag issues: While the Thaalhafili team will moderate the forum, we also want you, as community members, to be aware and feel empowered to flag anything which you think breaks these rules, or does not have a place.
Stay quirky: Mindful of the above, let’s be in an environment with friendly chaps! Be curious, experiment, share ideas, and take the time to bring joy to someone’s day!

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