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Updated: May 14, 2022


This is a space where a diverse of topics will be discussed to add value that we hope will make an impact for you in business, in your career and your life. So what are some of the things we will talk about?

1. HR for entrepreneurs
2. Leadership
3. Managing Teams
4. Diversity, equity and inclusion
5. Business culture
6. Scaling and growing a business
7. Professional development
...and so much more including Real life topics


Be Respectful

Please give everyone an opportunity to finish their thought when on the stage. Be courteous and encouraging with your feedback.

Be Brief

Please do not give long back stories when you are brought to the stage to ask a question or offer value to the audience. Brief 30 seconds & then β€œmy question is” or β€œI want to add value”

Be Patient

If or when there are a lot of people on stage please have patience as you we will diligently work toward giving you an opportunity to ask or share value.


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