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Updated: Jun 28, 2022


🍑WELCOME DOLLS🍑. This is a safe place for past, present, and future dolls to discuss all things surgery related. I discovered that this journey is much easier when you have someone to share it with, and our families may get tired of hearing about it 😂. Let’s Get Snatched was started so that we can connect with other dolls, doctors, and consultants worldwide. All members can start/schedule rooms if there is a topic they would like to discuss. •BBL•Tummy Tuck•Lipo 360•Veneers•and MORE‼️. •US•Dominican Republic•Columbia•Mexico•and MORE ✈️.


Be Respectful

We all have our own journeys to take, be respectful.

No body shaming

We all have something or had something we didn’t like about ourself. There is enough criticism outside the surgery community we don’t need it here.

One speaker at a time‼️

Allow the doll speaking time to finish what she is saying.

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