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Updated: May 20, 2022


Opportunity You Manifest Collectively

Manifestation Mondays last Monday of the month 2pmEST
Thriving Thursdays first Thursday of the the month 4pm EST
Hosted by CEO @boshiaraejean


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This club is designed to connect our members with the Opportunities around them, It does not matter the field you work in. It's all about the mindful resources (you) , and master classes (life) to bring you closer to a transformational lifestyle/ brand to build Better future collectively for humanity, because
self-made is a myth.

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Rule # 1

Be mindful and respectful of the space, this know that this is a place where we manifest our opportunities, optimism only. Positive vibes only, you will be removed from the room and group.

Rule #2

No Pessimism, we do not think or talk about what is impossible but why is possible. We are only here to support your goals so osteogenesis feedback and encouragement is important. Be Mindful .

Rule # 3

Do not interrupt people, be patience, be open to learn, be aware and patient. It is also important you are open to learn, so listen and be supportive. We are all about building the future. Love ❤️

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Day Members Gain % Gain
May 20, 2022 159 -1 -0.7%
April 16, 2022 160 +1 +0.7%
March 18, 2022 159 +1 +0.7%
March 11, 2022 158 -2 -1.3%
November 18, 2021 160 +1 +0.7%
October 28, 2021 159 +3 +2.0%
September 21, 2021 156 -1 -0.7%
August 18, 2021 157 -1 -0.7%


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