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Updated: Jun 23, 2022


🎯 Clubhouse's Official Celebrity's Domain. It is the "Forbidden Club" for "Haters". Absolutely nothing but positivity & progression here!

➡ Weekly and daily rooms hosted by the exceptional Khadijah Renée. Make sure to tune in, she's awsome! She has the keys to the club....


◾ We mainly curate "CELEBRITY" interview rooms. Fortunately for you, we always save replays of our celebrity interview rooms so you never miss out. Feel free to check out the replays right below the description tab.

◾We have had the distinguished pleasure of interviewing several iconic public figures such as the "Grammy" award winning James Worthy, "NAACP" winner Julian Britano and the remarkable Dr.Catrise Austin. Hence we have interviewed Justin Bieber's producer, Oprah Winfrey's prodigy and Cardi B's doctor respectively.


◾ Besides interviews, we also have mind stimulating rooms where we sought to take a positive approach towards TOXIC/CONTROVERSIAL topics.

◾ The name "Forbidden Club" is indicative of the profound authenticity and absence of sensorship in our rooms. We leave no topics untouched and we aim to explore all possible solutions leaving nothing to chance.

🎯 No territory is left unchartered here on the Forbidden Club❗

Last 30 Records

Day Members Gain % Gain
May 14, 2022 1,500 +100 +7.2%
March 27, 2022 1,400 +100 +7.7%
March 11, 2022 1,300 +973 +297.6%
November 23, 2021 327 +18 +5.9%
November 22, 2021 309 +24 +8.5%
November 21, 2021 285 +74 +35.1%


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